Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello Virtual World

Hello bloggers, I'm just bored sitting at home. Ehh I wasn't supposed to be "sitting". I just done the house chores. Duhhhhhh!! I'm a big girl now so I gotta help my mother. HAHA. Hmmm, my mood is currently sad since last night. I had a fight with my love one. Baby, I'm missing you so bad. If only I could tell and say closed to your ear, whispering you "I MISS YOU SO MUCHH..." while our hands keep holding each other. I admit, I'm so ego. Whta to do, but infact I love you more than you do, as if you're still love me. ={
There's no word in the dictionaries, even in the world could describe how much I love you. Yes, I Love You={. I'm your girlfriend,so what you think all girlfriends want their partners do for them ? I don't wanna demand so much but please, be sincere and stick with me. I am your Girlfriend :) You love that when I admit it, right darling ? WORLD, I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND !!!! I love you more than wordssssss :) Okay, I'll turn on my phone later, I'll pick up the phone and dial up your number, and call you my baby, I know you're waiting on me. Wait darling, I'm coming :) Again, I love youuuu so much! And too much <3>
mmmmmmuuuuuuuaaaacccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!* Iloveyou b.

Your stupid girlfriend,
Shue Evans.

Another love song by Ashanti

Here's the beautiful scary love song,
(sorry, there's no exact code for this vid to be published so here's the link, feel free to watch,)

thank you (:

A wonderful love song by Nadia AF6 and Red Peanut

This crap ! I mean this Malay song caught me ! They high tones vocals made me stuck in the middle of the song. seee what had this crap turned me to. Here's the lyrics

Jangan ada tidak percaya ,

jangan bilang kebencianmu

Hati ini selalu mengharapkan

Kau dan aku bisa bahagia

Air mata disisi ini

Saat kamu jauh disana

Jangan ada selingkuh dusta

Kau dan aku harus setia

Engkau dan aku tidak mahu

Orang ketiga menghancurkan

Karena cinta telah lama disatukan

Kita disini hanya ada

Satu impian paling indah

Karena cinta dan asmara

Kan bertahan

Aku tak bisa menduga hatimu

Andainya bisa ku peluk bayangmu

Diantara kita tidak akan dapat mengganggu

Second Day of Aidiladha

In a meantime, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha :)

As me and mum busy of the house chores, mum's phone ringing.Thought it was my mum's friend.Five minutes later, my mum back to the kitchen with the trembling smiled and I asked, "what's wrong mum?", she replied, "Your cousin and his family are on their way here".HAHA that expression is normal when there's someone is coming to our house.heeeeeee.She keeps asking me, what should I cook what should buy for 'em.Dad replied from the room, "I'll just buy the dishes :) ". Relieved expression appeared on my mum's face.haha.
One hour and half, they arrived. We greet 'em.Shaking hand and stuffs.
30 minutes something, mum asked me to buy some foods, as I walked out trough the door, my pretty niece asked me, "Where are you goin?" I said, "going out to buy some foods, wanna follow me ?", she said "yes" with her sweet smile. heee. We were riding around the town, there was no any food stalls operating! haha. FUCK, so keep exploring, then I saw a mamak restaurant, haaa! At last, thanks a lot my Lord ! heee, then we continued our journey straight to KFC restaurant, I bought 15 pieces of chicken =) HEEE yummy baby!
We reached home. Watching tv.At 4 something they made their moved to jetty. They're goin to Langkawi Island for three days I guess.Their ferry off at 5.I rest for a while and dressed up, take my scooter keys and off to City Plaza.I met my friends there.They lookked so cute.haha.We round and around the building with the "B" faces. haha :D.My cutey little firnd finds for short and cute tee.but she changed her mind, she bought a pair of fuckingggg ccuttteeee hamsters :) *kuchee kuchee I loveeeeee 'em but scared to touch ! heeee. 6 something we got home.When I reached home, another relatives from KL and Penang were at my home.Ohh my cutey little niece. Shes fucking cutee! I keep kissing her tomato cheeks :) They off at 7 something. That' all for today (: hee.

Shue Evans

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eidul Adha preparation :)

Okay, let's see what have I did on the day before Aidil adha.There was nothing much that I've done.Tidy up the living room, kitchen corner, my room, etc. It was not just tied up those parts, but I have another big thing that suppose to be taken care of y LITTLE FATTY FATTY BROTHER. URGHH!
He's annoying. Keep asking me to do this and that.Okay relax he's just a fat little brother :D
*fake smile heeeeeeeeeeeee. "Everything's gonna be alright I guess" that was what on my mind. hurrhhhhhh.
nevermind, I'm matured enough I guess in handling this matter, by the way
wishing you
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, much of sacrifies :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Currently watching some preety good music videos and funny clips

The way that I love you by ashanti

It's totally for my love one.


Okay now this crap is totally makes me laughing down on the floor, watch how that fucking nigga tryin to flirt with that france girl, EVAN ! haha (stupid) :D

The new fucking blog just created

Hello, nothing much to be elaborate here, just wanna say "HI" as the tested part of my blog! *HAHAHA. laugh ! If you found i said some funny stuffs. stfy ! xD so now its time for "GOODBYE" (: