Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello Virtual World

Hello bloggers, I'm just bored sitting at home. Ehh I wasn't supposed to be "sitting". I just done the house chores. Duhhhhhh!! I'm a big girl now so I gotta help my mother. HAHA. Hmmm, my mood is currently sad since last night. I had a fight with my love one. Baby, I'm missing you so bad. If only I could tell and say closed to your ear, whispering you "I MISS YOU SO MUCHH..." while our hands keep holding each other. I admit, I'm so ego. Whta to do, but infact I love you more than you do, as if you're still love me. ={
There's no word in the dictionaries, even in the world could describe how much I love you. Yes, I Love You={. I'm your girlfriend,so what you think all girlfriends want their partners do for them ? I don't wanna demand so much but please, be sincere and stick with me. I am your Girlfriend :) You love that when I admit it, right darling ? WORLD, I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND !!!! I love you more than wordssssss :) Okay, I'll turn on my phone later, I'll pick up the phone and dial up your number, and call you my baby, I know you're waiting on me. Wait darling, I'm coming :) Again, I love youuuu so much! And too much <3>
mmmmmmuuuuuuuaaaacccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!* Iloveyou b.

Your stupid girlfriend,
Shue Evans.

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