Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Date (080610) ♥ ♥

Date? yeah. me and baby boy ♥ FAREZ EVANS for sure. sayaannngggg, I love you. We went to Alor Star Mall. We watches a romantic movie and it was LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN ;)
we had a beatiful evening it was right? I can't imagine how I would be without you by my side to accompany me to through the days, to face and bare the presents. Since we are together, it's like, my day is your day, my night is your night and same goes back to myself. You are totally differennt from my ex(s) that I have been with in past time. Maybe you're not the first that I ever have a relation with but, I PROMISE THAT YOU'RE THE LAST. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ='(

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