Thursday, July 15, 2010

IT's a bowl bowl dayy ! :)

Okay I shoul have updated about what I did last week. But what to do , as usual I got no time :P HAHA I know *yeah right? pfftttt *sigh* heeee.
Okay last Friday, it was a bowl-bowling day :) heee. Went to city bowl, City Plaza, *duhh where else to go? . hehehe. I went out with my dearest boyfriend, Farez , my sec-cous,Ellya. Ouh, we bumped with Pdaout and Farhan :) Know what? Farez and Pdaout refused to play at first, then guess what I did? I was begging them by pretend to cry, then they agreed to play :P HAHA clever me ? *thumbs up please! :P HIGH 5! ngeeee. After 3rd threw of everyone, Farhan came up. He sai he wanna try, then Pdaout seems wanna stop to play and handed the game to Farhan. He took off the bowling shoes. I asked him why then he said that he wanna took a walk. Okay then, Farhan took over his place. Whoaaa! The surroundings started to warm breezinggg. Huuu I loikeee bebeh ^^. geeeez. Heeee. It was a happy day! I LOVE YOU FARIS ! I LOVE AND MISS YOU IN EVERY WAY AND EVERY DAY! :) *MFIO is forever belongs to me ! grrr. worflll.
Some pics as usual :P

Awwww my cute baby boy :) geezFarhan, waiting for his turn. *terer

Okay this is my self , bet you guys know whose fingers, Faris! hahaOkay this cute boy is my boyfriend! hehe I love you!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Precious words in 'TITANIC' and I'm so touched !

"I work my way from place to place. Tramp steamers and such. I won my ticket on Titanic here in a lucky hand at poker."
- by JACK DAWSON (titanic-ian)
"I saw my whole life as if I'd already lived endless parade of parties and cotillions, yachts and polo matches...always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter. I felt like I was standing at a great precipice, with no one to pull me back, no one who cared...or even noticed."
- by Rose DeWitt Bukater
"There's nothing I couldn't give you. There's nothing I'd deny you if you would not deny me. Open your heart to me, Rose."
- by Cal Hockley
SHUE *kisses & much love


Too beautiful :)



The Twilight Saga : ECLIPSE

OMG ! OMG ! I wanna watch this movie so freakinnn bad :( B, kita tengok kay? =,= hahaha.
I just wanna watch this, okay? Damn bad. After loyal to followed two serial movies of TWILIGHT.

First was TWILIGHT

Second was The Twilght Saga : NEW MOON

Now showing is The Twilight Saga : ECLIPSE

Soon to be published will be The Twilight Saga : BREAKING DAWN

Rumours after the last but not least maybe The Twilight Saga : Midnight Sun

HAHA, yes I am so addicted to those books and movies :D

Lagend Budak Setan

Movie : Lagenda Budak Setan
Currently teringat pulak movie ni. I watched with Faris. He seems love this movie tho :P even at first dia macam "eee kita nak tengok cerita ni ke Shue?" haha. Yeah agak annoying, orang nak tengok romantika-romantika ni dia macam tak nak pulak :P hahha. But but but, after the movie ended up, he said " Sayang, cerita ni macam cerita kita kan? " hahaha. Tu la, lelaki ni belagak, kononnye tak tengok cerita lembap-lembap cinta-cinta ni, padahal, menjiwai lebih dari perempuan. HAHA, b, you just showed up your true colours okay, kantoi kantoi je larr. You tak payah sorok-sorok lagi dah. Tolong lah youu :P hahaha. Bie, I love you okay? heee. Muacchh !! Okay, haaa. dalam cerita tu ada part yang Farid Kamil and Lisa Surihani spending time sama-sama memang nearly exact apa yang kita orang selalu buat, tapi time FK kasi bunga kat LS, Farez cakap " haaaa cuma macam ni je B tak penah buat kat Shue lagi, nanti B buat eh ?" haha I was like.. "really...?" hmmm *wonder face lahh :D HAHA . But infact. my cheecks was tomato-ing tahu tak? hehe
Conclusion : To have the most beautiful love life together like in th movie, it most of everyone's dream :) Faris, I love You Boyfriend !
Shue :) *kisses & much love

Family Spent :)

Weehoo family always comes first! :) Okay on 87.7.2010, in the evening, my family and I went for dinner at D' Samila restauraunt. Food served was so delicious, yummy! love it doo bee doo bee doo! hehe. Takde ape sangat nk cerite tapi ade lah jugak kot. That place macam Malay styles sikit KOT. Tapi macam Siamese site pun ada juga rasanya :P haha entah, confiused lah! yang penting, makan best! hahah.

Some pictures againn :

Myself .. :P

Haaa, ni ukiran yang ada kat pondok kita orang duduk tu.

Daddy and fatty lilo brother :P hahaha

Mum's favorite dish ! *Fish - sigh =,= hmm. HAHA

Okay, that's all I guess, thank youmama and papa :)

I love you all :)


Seventeen of me

Hey hey ;) hehehe. I know it sounds too late for me to elaborate my seventeen but what to do I got no time for that , or maybe when I do have time for that, but for god sake, I totally forgot about my birthday celebration. Geez I sounds kind of nerdy who was too busy with her daily life and books :P oopsss! BOOKS? naaa. HAHA! Okay I turned seventeen on 18th of June. Since twelve am of the day, I recieved many Birthday wishes from friends and cousins :D awww, never thought that there are still human being in this world remember myself and my important date :) heee. grrrrrr. Okay first wish for sure from..HOTLINK! haha to remind of free calls on that day. HAHA. okay, ermm bean was the frist to wish, and then my superboy, Faris sayang :) eheee, then Puteri my BFF, then Mimiamy the gorgy. Who are not listed, I'm sorry, I couldn't remember after 5 to wished :P hehe seriously, but totally much thanks from mr. *kisses =,=
heeee. I just celebrated my Seventeen day with my superboy and family. We bought a cake, and just celebrate like the ordinary person :) but that were so much meaningful than celebrating my seventeen with socialic activities, right?

Some ugly pictures :P

written : Happy Birthday Ashue Bidu Bidu :)

Awhh, it's time to cut it off :P awch. sayang lah plak..

Cream kisses :-*

Haaaa, a kiss from me :P XOXO! anyone?

The rsults after cut it off :( rinduu cake nii. sobs

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

woot woot

Nothing much happened on my days. Everything went normally and little bit better than before ;) Oh God ! Thanks for the precious days since you brought some new beautiful days :D heeee. Currently damn falling for some people noww :D hee.
mum, dad, firdaus( lilo brother ), Farez ( boyfriend ) :P *ngeeee and some friends that coloured my life with drop dead gorgeous things ;) heee. I love my peeps ! heeee. Nothing much. hehe how many time should I repeat the same thing right ? hehe. Ahaaaa, it's been a while I didn't see my sugarr :( *sobbing iskkk. My superhero, MFIO! Faris sayanggg, bie, been missing you for too much dah ;( hmmm. Yesterday, (Tuesday) supposed to go for lunch with him, he was at MRC, and was telling him that I'm going to take a bath. But, before I went for shower, I was thinking to take a rest for a while on my beloved bed, huuuu =( sorry, then, guess what ? I was fall asleep, until five. Pity you baby, I kbow you were waiting for me for so lonngggg kan, hmmm. SORRY. Today I ll pay the day of our 'yesterday', okay baby ? :D heee. This I promise you bie (: grrrrr, You know I'm loving you wayyyy soo muchhh. muehehe. Sweetheart, kiss me beneath the twilght :-* heee. HAAAA, saying of this stuff, b I wanna remind you of somethinggg! I wanna watch THE TWILIGHT SAGA : ECLIPSE for too bad okay? Promise dah kan? hmm *sigh . Andddd I wanna hear ZERO EXCUSES from you bie, get me? HAHA *garang kan? ;@ geezz

Friday, July 2, 2010


Heyyy I'm back! hehe. Okay. with the tittle yes I was participating in the battle of the band 2010. It was held at SMK Mergong. I really enjoyed the day! It was on 26th of JUNE 2010 (Yuesoff's birthday) Rules of the competition, we gotta perform 3 songs which supposed to be two songs with vocal and one instrumental song. Cikgu Ridwan Malek who was guiding us. He's kinda musicaholic. haha never heard of that word so :P hehe. He is a nice teacher, so supportive and yes kinda miss to 'lepaking' dengan dy! HAHA *as a teacher okay. ^^. Songs chosen, Hati Kama by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza&Noraniza Idris, sec song, My Heart Will Go On by Celien Dion(instrumental ; vocal excluded), and the last song, Through My Window by Bunkface (: whooaaa! I'm so bad in singing but I don't know how I could be one of the band. HAHA. My baby boy was there, Farez :) hehe. ohhh thanks bie for coming! ;p ngehehehe. I lovee you! Best best best! Friends, thanks for the dayy. We practiced just three days before the competition! Isn't that crazaaaayyyy?! haha. Anyhow, we did a best performance (bukan nak perasan but many said that, so betul lah tuhh =p) heee. When my band's turn had come everyone shaking and staring ecah other and there were some signs showed like , "weyyy jom laaaaaaaaaaaarrrrriii!!! tak nak perform!!!!!!" hahha. yes we did the same facial expressions tahu tak! hahah. kelaka gak ah if you guys were in the situation. haha. errrm, the champion "SMK SYED MUHAMMAD AL-BUKGARY", the first runner up, "SMK MERGONG", second runner up, "KOLEJ SULTAN ABDUL HAMID". CONGRATULATIONS guys ! ;) happy for those schools. We really enjoyed your performance! ^^ heeeee. muax muax! Miss the day!
btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUESOFF! :) sweet seventeen!

Hello peeps ! ;) heeee. It's been a while I didn't update this blog. well, was busy ;p *busy lah sangat. HAHA. but yesss! memang sangat busy. hoh. even busy pun I've spending most of the sweet time together with my only one, Muhammad Faris Ihsan. heee (Farez lahh tuh! ;) gggrrr! Okay. Actually I don't know where and how to start. Okay, errr I think I love my boyfriend way so much than before. *naahhh it's normal isnt it. hehe (nampak sangat like tak tahu nak cakap ape) =p weeee. gtg. papa panggil! later on I catch up balik untuk sambung cerita!
XOXO! *kiss