Friday, July 2, 2010


Heyyy I'm back! hehe. Okay. with the tittle yes I was participating in the battle of the band 2010. It was held at SMK Mergong. I really enjoyed the day! It was on 26th of JUNE 2010 (Yuesoff's birthday) Rules of the competition, we gotta perform 3 songs which supposed to be two songs with vocal and one instrumental song. Cikgu Ridwan Malek who was guiding us. He's kinda musicaholic. haha never heard of that word so :P hehe. He is a nice teacher, so supportive and yes kinda miss to 'lepaking' dengan dy! HAHA *as a teacher okay. ^^. Songs chosen, Hati Kama by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza&Noraniza Idris, sec song, My Heart Will Go On by Celien Dion(instrumental ; vocal excluded), and the last song, Through My Window by Bunkface (: whooaaa! I'm so bad in singing but I don't know how I could be one of the band. HAHA. My baby boy was there, Farez :) hehe. ohhh thanks bie for coming! ;p ngehehehe. I lovee you! Best best best! Friends, thanks for the dayy. We practiced just three days before the competition! Isn't that crazaaaayyyy?! haha. Anyhow, we did a best performance (bukan nak perasan but many said that, so betul lah tuhh =p) heee. When my band's turn had come everyone shaking and staring ecah other and there were some signs showed like , "weyyy jom laaaaaaaaaaaarrrrriii!!! tak nak perform!!!!!!" hahha. yes we did the same facial expressions tahu tak! hahah. kelaka gak ah if you guys were in the situation. haha. errrm, the champion "SMK SYED MUHAMMAD AL-BUKGARY", the first runner up, "SMK MERGONG", second runner up, "KOLEJ SULTAN ABDUL HAMID". CONGRATULATIONS guys ! ;) happy for those schools. We really enjoyed your performance! ^^ heeeee. muax muax! Miss the day!
btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUESOFF! :) sweet seventeen!

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