Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Spent :)

Weehoo family always comes first! :) Okay on 87.7.2010, in the evening, my family and I went for dinner at D' Samila restauraunt. Food served was so delicious, yummy! love it doo bee doo bee doo! hehe. Takde ape sangat nk cerite tapi ade lah jugak kot. That place macam Malay styles sikit KOT. Tapi macam Siamese site pun ada juga rasanya :P haha entah, confiused lah! yang penting, makan best! hahah.

Some pictures againn :

Myself .. :P

Haaa, ni ukiran yang ada kat pondok kita orang duduk tu.

Daddy and fatty lilo brother :P hahaha

Mum's favorite dish ! *Fish - sigh =,= hmm. HAHA

Okay, that's all I guess, thank youmama and papa :)

I love you all :)


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