Thursday, July 15, 2010

IT's a bowl bowl dayy ! :)

Okay I shoul have updated about what I did last week. But what to do , as usual I got no time :P HAHA I know *yeah right? pfftttt *sigh* heeee.
Okay last Friday, it was a bowl-bowling day :) heee. Went to city bowl, City Plaza, *duhh where else to go? . hehehe. I went out with my dearest boyfriend, Farez , my sec-cous,Ellya. Ouh, we bumped with Pdaout and Farhan :) Know what? Farez and Pdaout refused to play at first, then guess what I did? I was begging them by pretend to cry, then they agreed to play :P HAHA clever me ? *thumbs up please! :P HIGH 5! ngeeee. After 3rd threw of everyone, Farhan came up. He sai he wanna try, then Pdaout seems wanna stop to play and handed the game to Farhan. He took off the bowling shoes. I asked him why then he said that he wanna took a walk. Okay then, Farhan took over his place. Whoaaa! The surroundings started to warm breezinggg. Huuu I loikeee bebeh ^^. geeeez. Heeee. It was a happy day! I LOVE YOU FARIS ! I LOVE AND MISS YOU IN EVERY WAY AND EVERY DAY! :) *MFIO is forever belongs to me ! grrr. worflll.
Some pics as usual :P

Awwww my cute baby boy :) geezFarhan, waiting for his turn. *terer

Okay this is my self , bet you guys know whose fingers, Faris! hahaOkay this cute boy is my boyfriend! hehe I love you!

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