Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seventeen of me

Hey hey ;) hehehe. I know it sounds too late for me to elaborate my seventeen but what to do I got no time for that , or maybe when I do have time for that, but for god sake, I totally forgot about my birthday celebration. Geez I sounds kind of nerdy who was too busy with her daily life and books :P oopsss! BOOKS? naaa. HAHA! Okay I turned seventeen on 18th of June. Since twelve am of the day, I recieved many Birthday wishes from friends and cousins :D awww, never thought that there are still human being in this world remember myself and my important date :) heee. grrrrrr. Okay first wish for sure from..HOTLINK! haha to remind of free calls on that day. HAHA. okay, ermm bean was the frist to wish, and then my superboy, Faris sayang :) eheee, then Puteri my BFF, then Mimiamy the gorgy. Who are not listed, I'm sorry, I couldn't remember after 5 to wished :P hehe seriously, but totally much thanks from mr. *kisses =,=
heeee. I just celebrated my Seventeen day with my superboy and family. We bought a cake, and just celebrate like the ordinary person :) but that were so much meaningful than celebrating my seventeen with socialic activities, right?

Some ugly pictures :P

written : Happy Birthday Ashue Bidu Bidu :)

Awhh, it's time to cut it off :P awch. sayang lah plak..

Cream kisses :-*

Haaaa, a kiss from me :P XOXO! anyone?

The rsults after cut it off :( rinduu cake nii. sobs

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