Tuesday, July 6, 2010

woot woot

Nothing much happened on my days. Everything went normally and little bit better than before ;) Oh God ! Thanks for the precious days since you brought some new beautiful days :D heeee. Currently damn falling for some people noww :D hee.
mum, dad, firdaus( lilo brother ), Farez ( boyfriend ) :P *ngeeee and some friends that coloured my life with drop dead gorgeous things ;) heee. I love my peeps ! heeee. Nothing much. hehe how many time should I repeat the same thing right ? hehe. Ahaaaa, it's been a while I didn't see my sugarr :( *sobbing iskkk. My superhero, MFIO! Faris sayanggg, bie, been missing you for too much dah ;( hmmm. Yesterday, (Tuesday) supposed to go for lunch with him, he was at MRC, and was telling him that I'm going to take a bath. But, before I went for shower, I was thinking to take a rest for a while on my beloved bed, huuuu =( sorry, then, guess what ? I was fall asleep, until five. Pity you baby, I kbow you were waiting for me for so lonngggg kan, hmmm. SORRY. Today I ll pay the day of our 'yesterday', okay baby ? :D heee. This I promise you bie (: grrrrr, You know I'm loving you wayyyy soo muchhh. muehehe. Sweetheart, kiss me beneath the twilght :-* heee. HAAAA, saying of this stuff, b I wanna remind you of somethinggg! I wanna watch THE TWILIGHT SAGA : ECLIPSE for too bad okay? Promise dah kan? hmm *sigh . Andddd I wanna hear ZERO EXCUSES from you bie, get me? HAHA *garang kan? ;@ geezz

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