Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hello followers ! It's been a while I didn't update this dearest blog, as I was busy with the house chores and stuffs (!) Based on the tittle above. The kenduri was held at my house last Monday (9th of August) :DD heee. It was not a big kenduri, just for Yasseen reciting and kesyukuran. Alhamdulillah, everything was running smoothly and clear. :) hmmm. Some friends do came up. The guys recited also. Hehe, unpredictable. Geeez, Farez was there too. They went home with a paper bag each person. Those bags are provided only for the recite-ers :) Sorry Nabil, hang tak dapat kan :P heheh *later on, come and seek for it from my family. Hope you don't mind. teehee ^^.
There are some pictures taken, but sorry I couldn't upload them. I am onlining in School's ICT room. heee. Later on I'll promise I'll upload.
Much Love
Shue Kamal :)