Sunday, June 19, 2011

KLMU registration day (11th of June 2011)

Hello ! I was in KLMU with Julianis Johari. OMG! Ramai gilaaa org. Kena beratur panjang. Well, that's normal I guess kan bila nak daftar masuk mana-mana institusi. Okay sampai je kat depan campus, ada orang bawa kita org ke Wisma Tharkadas behind the campus. I dgn Jue went to the registration mini counter to get the number. Dapat number 30 and 31 kot. (If I'm not mistaken laa :P) hehe. Kakak tu kasi borang PTPTN dan MARA together with Hostel form to be filled up. Okay sambil tunggu org tu panggil we all pun isi lah boarang tu dgn penuh semagat. Wahh! HAHA. Okay after 20 minutes later kita org dah dipanggil..yeay! tak la lama sangat kan nak tunggu lg. Abg tu bawak kita org g admintration counter kat depan campus KLMU. Beratur lg...but wherever it is, Jue ada kat belakang. Tkmau seperate takut terpisah, heee sweet tak? muahhaha :P My turn! masuk kat pejabat, org tu minta IC then I gave to her, then..I keluar..Jue's turn! Jue masuk and did the same thing like I do. And then..kita org beratur utk bayar asrama punya registration. Sampai turn we all.
Me : Encik, kita orang nak stay sekali boleh kat hostel nanti?
Org tu : Pay first for the fee and then you can ask to Puan Lela, she's your warden.
Me : Okay..
Me and Jue took out RM350.00 each. Bayar and masing-masing dapat resit.
*muka seronok* :) wahahaha. And then go to hostel punya admin. Tunjuk resit, and collect the wardrobe and pillow. Kita org kena beli setem hasil, me : RM 40, Jue : RM 20 utk loan kita org nanti. We got the plan to hostel. They provided buses but we prefer to go with the dearest parents. muah muah. Hee. The venue of the hostel is..DANAU KOTA. I was like..what?!! Very far away from campus. Dalam hati dah kata "no way...I thought it was at Sentul?? "....Okay......reached PV 10! Our hostel is condominium! We go and see Puan Lela tu get the keys of the room. Me and jue dapat sebilik. *yeayy LAGI SEKALI* hee 3A-06-02 :D hihihi. Sampai je bilik senior yg mmmg dekat situ tunjuk kn la bilik kita org.. Double-decker punya katil. *Mula rasa tak best.. hmmm. HAHAHA pastu me and Jue tgk sma2 sendiri, seakan-akan memahami apa yang bermain dalam fikiran masing2. HAHA. Kita org dapat sebilik dgn Sabahan and Sarawakian. And they are..CHRISTIAN. Takda masalah la pasal religous thingy tp.. the main problem dia org bawak Salib gantung dalam bilik which is sgt tak manis! Our parents mula tak setuju... Kami pun lagi tak setuju. Decided to cari bilik sewa area sentu. I took my BlackBerry out, search in Mudah and I found RM 100 - BILIK UNTUK DISEWA SILA HUBUNGI WANI(***-******). I called..then bilik tu kosong! yeayy tanpa berlengah kami pun confirm the room! A day before move in. Me, mama , papa, Aush, jue, ayah jue, mak jue g beli banrang for us. Kipas, periuk nasi, kuali, camping stove, toto, tikar bulu dll. HEHE.

Friday, June 10, 2011



                                                                   part 1 :)
                                                                   part 2 :)
                                                                  part 3 :)
                                                                  part 4 :)
                                                                  part 5 :)
                                                                  part 6 :)
                                                                  part 7 :)
                                                                  part 8 :)
                                                                  part 9 :)
                                                                  part 10 :)
                                                                  part 11 :)

Enjoy the movie guys! much love from Shue Berry :) toodles!


Hello! I'm safely arrived in KL. Guess what how did I get here. ask please! hehe. Okay, let me tell you guys. I came here with a bus! yeah, a bus. Okay what's so exiting? (kerek aaa minah ni..naik bas pun nak happy, jakun giler..!) HAHA it's about bus itself. It is just, my Arnot was there with me from Alor Setar to Kedah! grrr.. hee. He lifted me, the paintball team has tournament in KL, as the are going so, why not I tagged along as the car that papa's driving is totally pack! kan? hehe :) Mama, papa, Aush, mak jue, ayah jue, hantar me and Jue at Jalan Pegawai as the bus was waiting there. Who were in the bus? Taraaaaa..They are MAT ZUL, SHONE, MAT JAN, KUANG, MAT, FAREZ, ABG GIE, ABG YUS, ABG SANI AND A GUY. (excluded Me and Jue). Omg, best! Me and Arnot were hugging all the way long, best ooo dia peluk rasa selamat sangat sebab HE'S MY SUPERMAN :) hehehhe. psssst ; Arnot wangi, B, baby suka sgt. Kan best kalau hari-hari B layan baby mcm tu? huahaha :D Baby jatuh cinta sekali lagi kat B! HEHE. The bus dropped us at Hentian Sebelah Rawang. That's all. Toodles! Assalamualaikum..
                            Shue Berry, Shue Kamal, Shue Evans ;) SHUE ARNOT!

A day before I left...

It's all about a day before I left Alor Setar and gonna stay in KL for further study.. sayu! :/ hmm, nothing much that I did, just was get ready, packing up, and buy some stuffs that I should bring along. About at 5 ahead, (09/06/2011) , I went to Jue's house for bacaan doa' selamat. I went to her house with my family. Oh yeah, by the way, papa exchanged the car, we are borrowing my uncle's car as his car is bigger than ours. Honda Jazz is exchanged with Mitsubishi Storm ;) bigger right? hihi. After I went to Jue's house then we off to my darling's house, it was Arnot's Sayang house. I went there with  the whole family too... and without he knowing that, so that's what we call SUPRISEEE! hehe. Mama really wanna visit my sister inlaw's baby, it's a newborn baby girl and was given a name "NUR QASEH QISTINA QAISARA", very cute isn't it? Then about 15 minutes later, my darling is home! Alooo mucuk2! hihihi. Oh, when I arrived at his house there were Pakteh, Makteh, Haziq, Nana, Abg Mohd, Mak, Kak Ida and the baby :D MUEHEHE. and that was last met of me and that sweetest family :"( nanti mesti rindu sangat-sangat kat mak, kat B, kat nana, kat haziq, kat tok, kat kak ida, and semua la :( rindu dapur diorang, ruang tamu..semua laaa! :"( so after this jarang la dapat makan buah mangga and garam belacan yang mak selalu bagi tu :"( MAK, rindu MAKKK ! hmm. paling penting, rinduuuuuu Arnot my darling of course. That's all, nanti I'll cry ..sobs. by the way I have my niece's inlaw picture and I call her 'KISH' ;) Maksu mesti rindu Kish nanti. Takpa, maksu wakil Paksu Arnot tlg peluk cium yaa? muah! :) hmmm. Assalamualaikum! Bye.

Day & Night Spent with Sweetheart in Alor Setar!

Assalamuaalaikum dear followers and bloggers! :) Hope that you guys are just fine ! I t was a day+night + happy! Happy to spent the night with him my only Arnot, (Khairul Anuar) and sad because that was a last night we were spending the time together in Kedah. I'll be leaving this lovely state ever.. :"( First, I fetch him with my dearest redish scooter, hee very cute isn't it? I know it is. I went to fetch him at his house, I accompanied him to hair salon, he wants a new hair cut, and he got what as he wanted, I love it sayang! seriously! Nampak sgt hensem, sgt kemas and it makes me want toooooooo PELUKKK you kuat-kuat Arnot! Muehehehe :D Then, back to his house, he took a shower then we off to Kak Mira's house to deliver her son's stuff, pampers, milk etc ;) then...we off Golden Jublee Park, bought a glass of watermelon drinks, ride and ride, off to Keriang Hill then lastly we went to Kota Marina Kuala Kedah. (duhhh of course the things that unexpected! HAHA you guys know that I never did such things have a ride here and there with my ex'es right? Yes, he give me happiness and I do really thanks to Allah SWT for giving him to complete me :) Alhamdulillah..Night activities, I fetch him with my blacky Honda Jazz as I'll be leaving that lovely car ;( *gonna miss you my MR.BLACK*) HMM. sobs! First, we went to Koteaw Iman, then go aound and round the whole Alor Setar and then we went to Tat Nasi Ayam, we bought 30 sticks of chicken satays for my dad and mum. Okay the cries scene begins when....I have to go, I have to send him home, the tears fell down....sobs! Salam, kisses and hugs. Sumpah sayu, b kalau b baca ni shue tgh nangis okay :( Rindu sgt kat b! My only arnot!...that's all, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ARNOT! :* mmmuaacchh! mmuaacchh! muach! muah mmmuuaaawwwhhhxx ! HUGS!!
                             Love, Shue. SHUE LOVES ARNOT VELI VELI MUCH OKAY!

Saturday, June 4, 2011




Khairul Anuar, 'Arnot' I miss you :( so muchh! I love you! *Kisses* I just read some love stuffs, I just watched some love movies, I just viewed some Lovey Dovey pictures, I just thinking about us, about what we did, about what you've promised me, about what you always scolded me, about what are you jealous to, but sayang, all those sweet things that always make my stomach feels like there are thousands butterflies in it just faded away....without we both noticing it. Sayang, wake up lah :( U dah tak buat I happy macam dulu, serious! U dah tak pandai jaga hati I, everyday sakit hati pasal you, nyway I always sayang you my darling! You're the life among the dead, you're super drop dead boyfriend ever, like seriously.. The apperance in naked eyed of others "ARNOT IS A MR.JOKER" but, me myself know yourself very well even than you do sayang..Ya Allah, do make we stay and ended up with an official marrige in Islam way. InshaAllah, sayang I habis diploma, you come and tell my parents eh! :) even hari-hari gaduh, hari-hari you make me cry, it's okay saya tetap sayang awak! :* Alhamdulillah to have you. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOUR FAMILY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ARNOT SAYANG! MUACHH! =)

                                 HANYA KAU YANG SATU :) CINTA!
                                     Sayang, GEMUK! sangat comel! =)
                                               *Interframe :D* peace yaw!
                                                      Hi LOVE!
                            MY ONLY ARNOT :)

Sayang.....I swear! I sayang you sangat-sangat, okay readers, saya sangat sayang dengan manusia ni okay! Love you sayang! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!


Hello again bloggers! haa you guys must be wondering, what's wrong with the post tittle isn't it? Yes it is 'PAINTBALL', ain't dreaming, ain't wrongly reading! hehe. I do love paintball, anything about paintball but..get participating in any games of it , i just dislike! hehe. I love to watch, I know so-so about the steps, rules, how to play, the field layout, the bullet (they call it pallets), the marker, the outfit that needed and other stuffs some more. I live in Kedah, so the nearest paintball park to my house is.. YSB PAINTBALL PARK. (Golden Jublee Prak) :P *sounds weird but so fineeeee* HAHA. pssssst : My boyfriend is working there as a park asstistant! One of the reasons :P haha. I just love PAINTBALL! seriously! By the way, facebook of YSB PAINTBALL PARK :!/pages/YSB-Paintball-Park/147350945279029

Colourful shot!

PINK marker ! *want it* =(

PINK facemask ! *nak jugak*

                                                       FULL PINK PAINTBALL OUTFIT


                               SHUE BERRY or FADZILATUL SHUHADA MOHD KAMAL, xoxo!

Further Study

Assalamualaikum dear bloggers! ;) How you doing? Back to the tittle now. Further study, yeah am going :D you don't believe in it right? so was I. hihi. About last two months, after the result of SPM came out, I was way! I don't wanna go for further study anymore! It's wasting! Bored! But now..I am like so eager to go for it. Alhamdulillah I was given a Nur by Allah, the doors of the heart was widely opened! Hee, Oh by the way, I will go for further study to Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMU / KLMUC) I'll be taking mass comm ; Diploma in BROADCASTING and FILM. Yeah, the course that I was dreaming for, and now the chance had come and all I gotta do is just GRAB it! Alhamdulillah again, thanks Allah! Okay let's look forward of what should I prepare and do for the registration! Hmm ;) Here!

The letter was written like this :

Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa anda ditawarkan untuk mengikuti program Diploma di Kuala Lumpur Mteropolitan University Kolej (KLMU) seperti berikut :-

Program                               : Diploma Penyiaran Dan Filem
Tarikh Pendaftaran               : 11 Jun 2011 ( yang memerlukan penginapan asrama)
Jangkan Masa Kursus          : 3 Tahun (Tempoh Pengajian Standard)
Tempat Mendaftar               : Kampus Kolej Universiti Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan 16-2, Tingkat Bawah,
                                             Wisma Sachdev, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.
Orientasi                              : 13 Jun 2011
Masa                                   : 9 pagi hingga 5 petang
Pakaian                               : Formal

*Itu adalah perkara yang harus saya lakuakan untuk pendaftaran masuk universiti, hihi =)*
Let's check out what do I have to do for the hostel registration....

Pendaftaran Hostel

Tarikh                                        : 11 Jun 2011 (kecuali pelajar dr Sabah & Sarawak)
Hari                                           : Sabtu
Tempat                                      : Kampus Kolej Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan Universiti

hehe that's all! some of the sensored things should be hidden! Thanks for reading, drop some comments if feel free to.

                                                      LOVE, Shue Berry ;) xoxo

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello bloggers! How you doing? Wishing you guys are having a good time with love ones :) Here..the next post. It's all about bestfriend of mine, She is Julianis Johari (JUE for short). I met her in SMK Tunku Abd Rahman. Find her on facebook ; JULIANIS JOHARI or follow her on twitter ; AJUEANIS. She's nice, polite, and understand me in most of every single way. As easy to say, there's no secret between me and her like seriously. Do I love her? Like duh....OF COURSE I DO! She's my soulmate now. Okay currently we gonna go further study to KUALA LUMPUR METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY (KLMU). We take Diploma in Broadcasting and Film. It takes three years to settle down it. We will go through it together. Well, FRIENDS! Of course there are arguements , misunderstanding and fights. But still, we get over it in a godd, mature ways. Planning on separating me and her? just try on, we have Allah S.W.T to take care of us. That's all ! :)


New Boyfriend, New Life :) Hello Love!

Hello dear followers, it's been a while since the last time I updated this blog, for those who viewed my  Facebook, you guys would have knew who's that my new guy isn't it? His name is Khairul Anuar bin Baharom (Arnot Berry ; on FB ). Hee he's so sweet okay, even sometimes he's so annoying! But that makes me feeling so high like a G6.  He understands me well. Seriously, I'm dying to be with him. Arguements, Fightings, that made the relationship went so clear and perfectly passing. Don't you guys think I'm happier than ever? Yeah, Alhamdulillah for having him now to colours my days with laughters and joys. Sayang, you're so addictive.