Friday, June 10, 2011

A day before I left...

It's all about a day before I left Alor Setar and gonna stay in KL for further study.. sayu! :/ hmm, nothing much that I did, just was get ready, packing up, and buy some stuffs that I should bring along. About at 5 ahead, (09/06/2011) , I went to Jue's house for bacaan doa' selamat. I went to her house with my family. Oh yeah, by the way, papa exchanged the car, we are borrowing my uncle's car as his car is bigger than ours. Honda Jazz is exchanged with Mitsubishi Storm ;) bigger right? hihi. After I went to Jue's house then we off to my darling's house, it was Arnot's Sayang house. I went there with  the whole family too... and without he knowing that, so that's what we call SUPRISEEE! hehe. Mama really wanna visit my sister inlaw's baby, it's a newborn baby girl and was given a name "NUR QASEH QISTINA QAISARA", very cute isn't it? Then about 15 minutes later, my darling is home! Alooo mucuk2! hihihi. Oh, when I arrived at his house there were Pakteh, Makteh, Haziq, Nana, Abg Mohd, Mak, Kak Ida and the baby :D MUEHEHE. and that was last met of me and that sweetest family :"( nanti mesti rindu sangat-sangat kat mak, kat B, kat nana, kat haziq, kat tok, kat kak ida, and semua la :( rindu dapur diorang, ruang tamu..semua laaa! :"( so after this jarang la dapat makan buah mangga and garam belacan yang mak selalu bagi tu :"( MAK, rindu MAKKK ! hmm. paling penting, rinduuuuuu Arnot my darling of course. That's all, nanti I'll cry ..sobs. by the way I have my niece's inlaw picture and I call her 'KISH' ;) Maksu mesti rindu Kish nanti. Takpa, maksu wakil Paksu Arnot tlg peluk cium yaa? muah! :) hmmm. Assalamualaikum! Bye.

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