Friday, June 10, 2011

Day & Night Spent with Sweetheart in Alor Setar!

Assalamuaalaikum dear followers and bloggers! :) Hope that you guys are just fine ! I t was a day+night + happy! Happy to spent the night with him my only Arnot, (Khairul Anuar) and sad because that was a last night we were spending the time together in Kedah. I'll be leaving this lovely state ever.. :"( First, I fetch him with my dearest redish scooter, hee very cute isn't it? I know it is. I went to fetch him at his house, I accompanied him to hair salon, he wants a new hair cut, and he got what as he wanted, I love it sayang! seriously! Nampak sgt hensem, sgt kemas and it makes me want toooooooo PELUKKK you kuat-kuat Arnot! Muehehehe :D Then, back to his house, he took a shower then we off to Kak Mira's house to deliver her son's stuff, pampers, milk etc ;) then...we off Golden Jublee Park, bought a glass of watermelon drinks, ride and ride, off to Keriang Hill then lastly we went to Kota Marina Kuala Kedah. (duhhh of course the things that unexpected! HAHA you guys know that I never did such things have a ride here and there with my ex'es right? Yes, he give me happiness and I do really thanks to Allah SWT for giving him to complete me :) Alhamdulillah..Night activities, I fetch him with my blacky Honda Jazz as I'll be leaving that lovely car ;( *gonna miss you my MR.BLACK*) HMM. sobs! First, we went to Koteaw Iman, then go aound and round the whole Alor Setar and then we went to Tat Nasi Ayam, we bought 30 sticks of chicken satays for my dad and mum. Okay the cries scene begins when....I have to go, I have to send him home, the tears fell down....sobs! Salam, kisses and hugs. Sumpah sayu, b kalau b baca ni shue tgh nangis okay :( Rindu sgt kat b! My only arnot!...that's all, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ARNOT! :* mmmuaacchh! mmuaacchh! muach! muah mmmuuaaawwwhhhxx ! HUGS!!
                             Love, Shue. SHUE LOVES ARNOT VELI VELI MUCH OKAY!

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