Friday, June 10, 2011


Hello! I'm safely arrived in KL. Guess what how did I get here. ask please! hehe. Okay, let me tell you guys. I came here with a bus! yeah, a bus. Okay what's so exiting? (kerek aaa minah ni..naik bas pun nak happy, jakun giler..!) HAHA it's about bus itself. It is just, my Arnot was there with me from Alor Setar to Kedah! grrr.. hee. He lifted me, the paintball team has tournament in KL, as the are going so, why not I tagged along as the car that papa's driving is totally pack! kan? hehe :) Mama, papa, Aush, mak jue, ayah jue, hantar me and Jue at Jalan Pegawai as the bus was waiting there. Who were in the bus? Taraaaaa..They are MAT ZUL, SHONE, MAT JAN, KUANG, MAT, FAREZ, ABG GIE, ABG YUS, ABG SANI AND A GUY. (excluded Me and Jue). Omg, best! Me and Arnot were hugging all the way long, best ooo dia peluk rasa selamat sangat sebab HE'S MY SUPERMAN :) hehehhe. psssst ; Arnot wangi, B, baby suka sgt. Kan best kalau hari-hari B layan baby mcm tu? huahaha :D Baby jatuh cinta sekali lagi kat B! HEHE. The bus dropped us at Hentian Sebelah Rawang. That's all. Toodles! Assalamualaikum..
                            Shue Berry, Shue Kamal, Shue Evans ;) SHUE ARNOT!

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