Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello bloggers! How you doing? Wishing you guys are having a good time with love ones :) Here..the next post. It's all about bestfriend of mine, She is Julianis Johari (JUE for short). I met her in SMK Tunku Abd Rahman. Find her on facebook ; JULIANIS JOHARI or follow her on twitter ; AJUEANIS. She's nice, polite, and understand me in most of every single way. As easy to say, there's no secret between me and her like seriously. Do I love her? Like duh....OF COURSE I DO! She's my soulmate now. Okay currently we gonna go further study to KUALA LUMPUR METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY (KLMU). We take Diploma in Broadcasting and Film. It takes three years to settle down it. We will go through it together. Well, FRIENDS! Of course there are arguements , misunderstanding and fights. But still, we get over it in a godd, mature ways. Planning on separating me and her? just try on, we have Allah S.W.T to take care of us. That's all ! :)


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