Saturday, June 4, 2011


Khairul Anuar, 'Arnot' I miss you :( so muchh! I love you! *Kisses* I just read some love stuffs, I just watched some love movies, I just viewed some Lovey Dovey pictures, I just thinking about us, about what we did, about what you've promised me, about what you always scolded me, about what are you jealous to, but sayang, all those sweet things that always make my stomach feels like there are thousands butterflies in it just faded away....without we both noticing it. Sayang, wake up lah :( U dah tak buat I happy macam dulu, serious! U dah tak pandai jaga hati I, everyday sakit hati pasal you, nyway I always sayang you my darling! You're the life among the dead, you're super drop dead boyfriend ever, like seriously.. The apperance in naked eyed of others "ARNOT IS A MR.JOKER" but, me myself know yourself very well even than you do sayang..Ya Allah, do make we stay and ended up with an official marrige in Islam way. InshaAllah, sayang I habis diploma, you come and tell my parents eh! :) even hari-hari gaduh, hari-hari you make me cry, it's okay saya tetap sayang awak! :* Alhamdulillah to have you. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOUR FAMILY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ARNOT SAYANG! MUACHH! =)

                                 HANYA KAU YANG SATU :) CINTA!
                                     Sayang, GEMUK! sangat comel! =)
                                               *Interframe :D* peace yaw!
                                                      Hi LOVE!
                            MY ONLY ARNOT :)

Sayang.....I swear! I sayang you sangat-sangat, okay readers, saya sangat sayang dengan manusia ni okay! Love you sayang! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

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